Cellcosmet CellLift Crème / Cream Light




This emulsion is ideal for combination to oily skin and is aimed at woman who, at certain times of the year, prefer a lighter texture than that offered by CellLift Cream, such as in spring and summer.

With its silky light creamy smooth texture and delicate fragrance, CellLift Cream light is an ultra revitalizing, restructuring and densifying cellular cream – and advanced cellular technology!

Its anti-gravity and anti-aging effects are multiple and and immediately visible after the first application and intensify day after day.

30% stabilized bio-integral cells which is at the same concentrate level as the Cellcosmet UltraCell, the cream injects vital energy to the skin.

go to site Light, creamy, easily absorbed emulsion

  • The skin is redensified and revitalised
  • Volume is restored and contours redefined
  • The skin is deeply hydrated*
  • The skin is more toned and supple
  • Skin texture is smoothed
  • Even and radiant complexion
  • Visibly younger-looking skin
  • For women from age 40 as an occasional treatment several times a year or on a daily basis in line with the skin’s needs
  • From age 50 as a daily treatment all year round
  • Suits all skin types, ideal for combination to oily skin
  • At certain times of the year, particularly in spring and summer.


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